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Calendar of Events
This calendar should give you an overview of the weeks before and after the wedding, the main events, and some exciting gatherings the weekend of "the day".

The Main Events
Detailed information about the scheduling of the wedding and reception.

Important Events
Other wedding related events such as the rehersal, pre-parties, after parties and gatherings.

Edmonton Events
You are coming to Edmonton at a good time, if you are able to extend your trip at all, there are some exciting events that you won't want to miss. For example: the world famous Edmonton Fringe Festival.

Calendar of Events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
2008-08-03 2008-08-04

Provincial Holiday

2008-08-05 2008-08-06 2008-08-07

Wedding Rehersal
(invite only)

Rehersal Dinner



(invite only)


(invite only)


Gift Opening
(approximate, invite only)


Final Circus Party

2008-08-11 2008-08-12

Trevor and Amanda Leave for their honeymoon
(exclusive attendance)

2008-08-13 2008-08-14 2008-08-15 2008-08-16

The Main Events
Hopefully none of Trevor and Amanda's guests miss these events.

August 8, 2008, 15:00
Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 10037 84 Avenue, (780) 433-5530

This is the most important event, if you plan to attend anything this week, make sure you are here, and make sure you arrive early!

August 8, 2008, Drinks at 18:00, Dinner at 19:00, Party at 21:00
Snow Valley Lodge, 119 Street Whitemud Drive, (780) 434-5531

It could be argued that this event will be the more important than the above. Either way, if you're invited you better make sure to make it to the dinner and dance.

Important Events
Please stay for the weekend and help celebrate this spectacular union for at least three days (like they would in Poland)!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
June 20..22, 2008
Rock Lake Campground

Thanks for the bachelor party!

August 7, 2008, 17:30
Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 10037 84 Avenue

If you are in the wedding party, you need to practice! You know who you are.

Rehersal Dinner
August 7, 2008, Evening
The Royal Glenora Club, 11160 River Valley Road

After the rehersal we will celebrate a successful run-through of the wedding with some dinner (for select guests), courtesy of the parents of the groom.

Gift Opening
August 9, 2008, 13:00 (approximate)
Location to be determined

Trevor and Amanda may invite some people to assist in providing excitement during the process of opening gifts if they receive any gifts that require opening, or if they receive any gifts at all.

August 9, 2008, 18:00
Parkallen Flags Arena, 6510 111 St

Although the details are still tentative, there will be a major sporting event in the early evening of Saturday the 9th. Stay tuned.

Flags Afterparty (AKA The final and ultimate Circus party)
August 9, 2008, 20:30
The Circus, 10925 79 Ave

Is it scientifically possible for the circus to out do itself again?? Some valuable advice: do not miss this party.

Picnic Potluck
August 10, 2008, 13:00 (approximate)
Hawrelak park, 9330 Groat Road

Bring some food and wind down from all the celebrations with some more fun. BBQs are available if you bring some wood, matches and oxygen. It will also be important to bring frisbees and other games.

Edmonton Events
You are coming to Edmonton at a good time, if you are able to extend your trip at all, there are some exciting events that you won't want to miss.

The Fringe
August 14..24, 2008
103..104 Street, 82..86 Avenue

You won't truly understand Trevor Prentice until you attend the Edmonton Fringe Festival. This yearly event played a significant role in shaping the man we know and occasionally love.

Edmonton Folk Music Festival
August 7..10, 2008
Gallagher Park, 94 Street & 92 Avenue

Well Trevor doesn't usually go, lots of people love the Edmonton Folk Fest.

Edmonton Heritage Festival
August 2..4, 2008
Hawrelak Park, 9330 Groat Road

This one is quite fun, lots of good food and dance from all around the world. Trevor and Amanda have attended a number of years (in a row?).

Telus World of Science Edmonton, Body Worlds
June..October, 2008
Telus World of Science Edmonton, 11211 142 Street

Trevor has been working at the "Telus World of Science Edmonton" since January 2007, and Amanda just started volunteering there because of the new (to Edmonton), exciting exhibit: Body Worlds. Click on the above link to find out more info. It is really cool, not to mention the rest of the science center.
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