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Trevor and Amanda have another amazing new son, Chas Prentice!

Trevor and Amanda have a new family member! Their son, Damyn Prentice. And he is amazing.

Here's some news for you: Amanda's pregnant! Bet you wish you checked this website more often eh? ;)

Re-live Trevor's wedding speech here.

Trevor and Amanda have some exciting travel plans, check them out here.

The pictures section should be working again (and has been updated), so feel free to check it out. Also, check back frequently for new pictures! There may be some additional news here soon also.

Trevor and Amanda are happily married after all these (almost) year!

Check 2008-08-13..09-07-New Zealand-Fiji frequently for honeymoon pictures.

They did it! Trevor and Amanda are the new Prentices. Best wedding ever.

Trevor and Amanda have reserved 4 spots at the Rainbow Valley campground, about 1 minute's walk from the reception hall. Call 1-888-434-3991, and mention Prentice if you would like to book one of those spots for yourself (otherwise they will be gone by the 1st of August).

Trevor was abducted and subjected to once in a lifetime bachelor party style punishment this weekend. Thanks guys.

Most of the event times are finalized, check the Time section for full info, and mark your calendars! There is also a new extra curricular event at the bottom of the time page, check it out.

The invites are finished! Trevor and Amanda are mailing them out presently.

Trevor and Amanda have bought their rings.

The website has been updated!! Check out some of the changes in the Time and Place sections.

Trevor and Amanda are going to New Zealand and Fiji for their honeymoon! Send them some info if you've been there!

Trevor and Amanda's marriage prep course this weekend was awesome, they recommend it to anyone in any type of relationship, or at least check out the FOCCUS test. Especially if you're already married.

Trevor and Amanda finish their website (after much hard work)! It will be updated on an ongoing basis, so check back here soon. A huge "thank you" to one of the best men, Stephen for his immense help in making it happen.

Trevor and Amanda have chosen their church (Holy Trinity).

Trevor and Amanda have chosen their reception venue (Snow Valley Lodge).

Trevor and Amanda are engaged!! E-mail the story of how you proposed to your significant other (or how you were proposed to) to Trevor and Amanda (888@trevorandamanda.com) and see how it compares to Trevor + Amanda's story.

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