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On my first day of work [at the park] a couple interesting things happened. First of all i was quite a bit early, and secondly i ended up at Killarney instead of Glengarry, even though i was assigned to Glengarry. Maybe this was due to the fact that i needed to get a photo of myself printed, maybe i was lost, or maybe i had taken more notice of someone specific at the training day than i had realized. At any rate i got out of my car and ran over to the wading pool supervisor and quickly asked her if she knew of a place nearby where i could get a picture of myself printed out (for my nametag). Apparently this frantic first impression would leave a greater imprint than i figured. After i learned that there was a mall nearby that i would be able to get my picture taken at i was able to explain myself a little bit. Soon i rushed off and got my picture in time to make it back to my own park for "work".

- an excerpt from
"Summer Nights: So I told her, we'd still be friends"

June 2001, Greenshack program training was taking place at Rundle Park. I came a little earlier and was talking to some people when in walks a beautiful brown haired skaterboy. I knew from the moment I saw him that he was going to be my summer love. As with all love we needed an obstactle and the obstacle came quickly. This beautiful skater boy was originally placed as my park leader, MY park leader! Can you believe it? But then they swapped him out with a girl! A GIRL! Geez. But that would not stop our blossoming summer love. First day of work and guess who shows up at my park? The lost beautiful Southsider skater boy asking for directions (bonus point!) Pointing him in the right direction, I hoped this would not be the last I would see of him. As one would figure, it wasn't and the rest is history!

- "Amanda's Version of the Story"

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